concerning the NDSL-project

NDSL is a method of depiction based on photographic multiple exposure of a horizontally widened laser-beam and his space defining properties. Through the construction of an apparatus the process of multiple exposure could be fully automated to encapture a 3 meter tall space. Every single line is the visible edge of an aera of light defining an exact altitude in space. The running off of a multiple exposure with 30 layers spaced with 10 cm will take 20 min. The structure of depiction thus created is to be understood as a program steering a sequence of locomotive patterns and should be able to influence the perceptual status of objects following their own physical logic. There are two sides - the user's will and the apparatus' possibilities. The area in-between the two, a consensus of mutual productivity, shapes a process which being an artistic operation eventually remains an integral part of the work. On the one hand the apparatus as "materialized probability" is to be seen as a tool-analogous medium used by a "programming mind". On the other hand the seemingly so intended final product must in no way correlate to the planning element which determines the result over the ongoing of the work. A machine does not only produce something in a world but also contributes to produce and transform the world in which it functions. Last but not least it is highly stimulative to work with highly developed machinery such as lasers etc., because the work consists in centralizing what is possible - in view of what is given - in its progress on to a penetration of what is existing. In the combination of scientific method with sensorial conception and ideas, facts become phenomena. Physical reality is to be understood as an analogy of our conception of this reality.