MC#.C   laser-sound-programming

MC#.C are programmed laser projections that are based on the exact analogy between image and sound. Using a special scanning system, images are generated that are bending the rules of conventional laser-imaging in order to become audible as an experimental-acoustic, techno-synthetic stereosignal. The individual patterns are drawn figures or mathematically defined algorithms that are selected, edited and manipulated live by keyboard commands. The relationship between audio and visual is not chosen arbitrarily, but is based on acoustic fundamentals and the specific properties of the machine. An image is comprised of several points with X and Y coordinates. The coordinate pairs represent voltages that shapes the stereo signal. In the dynamic sequence of visually and audibly perceptible laser projections, the laser apparatus becomes a synthetic sound and image instrument. By using appliances in a way they were not designed for, machines themselves can overcome the limitations of construction. One can call this "transcendental operation" of machines or simply a "disturbance of function". Anyway - a machine does not only produce something in a world but also contributes to produce and transform the world in which it functions and transcends. There are two sides - the user's will and the apparatus' possibilities. The area in-between the two, a consensus of mutual productivity, shapes a process which being an artistic operation eventually remains an integral part of the work. On the one hand the apparatus as "materialized probability" is to be seen as a tool-analogous medium used by a "programming mind". On the other hand the seemingly so intended final product must in no way correlate to the planning element which determines the result over the ongoing of the work. Last but not least it is highly stimulative to work with highly developed machinery such as lasertechnology etc., because the work consists in centralizing what is possible - in view of what is given - in its progress on to a penetration of what is existing. In the combination of scientific method with sensorial conception and ideas, facts become phenomena.

MC#.C - WYSIWYH and vice versa.

concerning the patterns:
the herein shown figures are only a variety of infinite possiblities and is limited to those who consist of 255 points with a scanning rate of 600 points per second – what accordingly musically means 140 bpm.